Boundaries vs Control

The difference between attempting to control another and setting a boundary is whether the focus is on the other person (control) or on you (boundary). FIRST EXAMPLE If my partner becomes unpleasant to be around when he or she drinks, I focus on the impact that their drinking has on me and I address that […]


PARENTS ARE ENTRUSTED WITH SEVERAL TASKS IN RAISING CHILDREN TO ADULTHOOD: Teach Them How To Stay Safe And Alive Parents must first provide safety and security, and then teach those skills to children. Even the simplest animals protect their babies from physical harm until they are old enough to perform certain survival tasks on their […]

Anger Management

I always tell clients that they can tell me any story about something that “made” them angry and that, when we peel back enough layers, we will find that they perceived that there was some sort of threat in that event. For us humans, threats are more than just threats to life and limb. ┬áThreats […]