Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Questioning Counseling

  • You may need to talk with someone who is unbiased, empathic, knowledgeable and supportive about your sexual orientation or sexual identity and the life issues that accompany it.
  • You may be seeking therapeutic support and endorsement for hormone replacement therapy (HRT) or surgical gender reassignment.
  • You may be at ease with your sexual orientation and may be seeking supportive individual or couples counseling in a friendly, private environment.
  • You may be seeking supportive mental health counseling for issues such as anger or depression.
  • You may be encountering opposition and lack of support from your family.
  • You may feel anxious in social situations, or have trouble sorting through what it means to have an intimate relationship as a transgendered individual.

We have the skills and training to counsel transgendered individuals with empathy and knowledge.

We follow the WPATH Standards of Care.

We help you link to community resources for LGBTQ issues.

We team with your endocrinologist and your surgeon if you choose.