mission statement

We strive to assist the individual in finding their strengths and balancing them with their needs. We allow individuals to accept themselves in the world in which they live today, and we coach them in preparing for the world they will greet tomorrow.

Our Promises to You

Counseling is a collaborative endeavor.

  • We will listen to you with care and respect
  • We will do our best to give you feedback that is honest and non-shaming
  • We will respectfully and sensitively consider your perspective, your cultural beliefs, religious beliefs, gender issues, and disabilities
  • We will answer any questions you may have about our training, experience and treatment approaches
  • We will inform you of the limits of our confidentiality
  • We will tell you what benefits you are likely to gain from counseling as well as what counseling is likely not to do for you
  • We will provide you with a referral if we discover that we are not an appropriate resource for your particular needs